Meet Tim

Tim Bio PicI began taking photographs at an early age and discovered the magic of developing black and white pictures in my grandfather's darkroom. Seeing images develop in the chemicals right before my eyes made a tremendous impact on me. I learned later, as a photography student at Evansville Central High School, that my pictures seemed to have a different kind of quality than many of my fellow students. I seemed to be able to frame subjects in a way that seemed very second nature to me - composing a picture seemed automatic.

As good as my photography skills seemed to be, I wasn't anywhere close to being college material to study that, or any other subject. Consequently, I did what most young boys with no focus or desire to achieve anything do - I joined the military. Surprisingly, I was pretty successful in the U.S. Navy and achieved some noteworthy accomplishments. However, despite traveling the world and seeing sights that most people will never see, I was still somewhat misguided and never really picked up the camera again in any meaningful way.

After retiring from the Navy, I attended college as a full-time working student and earned a bachelor's degree and an MBA. I became a corporate financial analyst and ultimately a finance/accounting manager at several Fortune 500 companies. As a result of serving under a couple of exceptionally talented supervisors, I became very good at corporate finance and accounting - and, I loved it. However, the photography bug began nagging at me to return to the camera and do what I was probably born to do - compose and take photographs. It's fascinating to me when someone has an innate skill that seems completely natural to them - it's almost like a sixth sense. I'm fairly certain mine is taking pictures.

As I've started my journey back to photography, it's been especially exciting to meet and talk with other photographers to discuss techniques, subject matter, and other things with them. We all seem to share the same level of enthusiasm and are always willing to give advice, share techniques, and even loan gear to one another as a result of our love for the same thing. That has really been the most significant outcome as I've picked up photography once again.

I hope you enjoy browsing through my gallery of images as much as I enjoyed capturing them!



Nashville, Tennessee